And they both married happily ever after. You must have heard it many times right? But have you ever heard that all three of them lived happily? Yes, it’s an interesting and sweet story of two conjoined sisters named Ganga and Jamuna. Since they were born conjoined, they couldn’t do anything alone.

Amazing Story

From the childhood till now, they did everything together and shared everything but sharing the things and sharing the soul mate is actually a way to different things. But yes they did so. These two sisters are special and for these special princesses, God made just one prince. These two sisters found their love in one man named Jasimuddin Ahmad. They met in a circus where Jasimuddin was a sound engineer seven months ago.

With the flow of time, they got close, and their bonding got much better. Ganga and Jamuna started feeling for him, and the feelings were mutual from his side too. Both of the sisters accepted each other and shared their man.

Now Ganga, Jamuna, and Jasimuddin are all together and happy. This is a new definition of love I must say. What do you think about their sacrifice and love? Please feel free to share your views in the space given below.