Among many, Facebook has appeared to be one of the hottest start-ups in decades. When Facebook’s market cap crossed 100 billion USD, executives and investors began lining up to buy it by offering a handsome package to Mark Zuckerberg. Today, Facebook has successfully reached 1.3billions of its users, and the number is still counting on. Though Zuckerberg straightaway rejects the proposals but still some got much closer than we all can ever imagine.

Here are the top-10 companies who tried hard to buy the multimillionaire social media, Facebook:

  • AnUnnamed NYC Financier:

Back in 2004 June, an unnamed NYC financier tried to buy Facebook with $10million offerings: Facebook becomes live on the internet in Feb’2004. After four months, Zuckerberg receives and offer of 10million USD for Facebook from an unnamed NYC financier. Sources say Mark has never taken the offering seriously and stick to his goal.

  • In the list, no2 is Friendster:

Friendster is one of the early bidders for Facebook. Back in 2007, it tried to buy Facebook but in the end, it doesn’t get anything except Mark’s sympathy. Nearer sources of Friendster reveals that its former executive Jim Scheinman said “He found a small socio-company out of Harvard that Friendster came very close to buying it Facebook, a start-up which no one had even heard of it at that time’. The deal was entirely based on Friendster’s raising funding, but before it could happen, Mark just blew up it.


  • Google Executives:

Back at the time when Facebook is struggling to be in the virtual world in 2004 when a couple of Google executives appears in front of Facebook to buy it. The Google executives had a meeting, and the Google board member even approved the plan to buy Facebook but fails to do it in later when Mark straightaway decline the proposal. Sources say the offer was $15billion for Facebook.


  • Viacom is in the list carrying 4th place:

In 2005, when Facebook went to the company, Washington Post, for the discussion related to investment, Viacom appears in the market to buy Facebook for $75million. If Mark had accepted the proposal, then he would have earned $35million on the spot, but Zuckerberg didn’t do it.


  • In No.5 Is Myspace:

MySpace is one of the popular social media sites before the arrival of Facebook in the virtual world. In 2005, MySpace tried to buy Facebook. At the first meeting, Zuckerberg asked MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe about the $75 offering and DeWolfe said no, but later in 2nd meeting in the same year, Zuckerberg just raised the amount to $750 million for which DeWolfe again told no.


  • Newscorp:

Many of us don’t even know about NewsCorp. It is a parent company of MySpace which has made decisions to buy Facebook back in 2006. But Zuckerberg is smart enough and stick to his plans for not selling Facebook to anyone.


  • In No 7, The Name Is NBC:

NBC tried to buy Facebook back in 2005, but Zuckerberg’s instinct stopped him from selling Facebook.


  • The Prominent Name Yahoo:

In 2006, Yahoo decided to give $1billion for Facebook, but at that time Facebook trying to include the News Feed for which the company may receive more than $1billion in the long run; therefore, Mark decided not to sell Facebook.


  • In No 9th AOL:

AOL has come to Facebook with an offer of $1billion+ to buy it, but Zuckerberg doesn’t even care about it as Facebook is worldwide popular at that time and generating handsome profit out of the market which is more than just $1billion.


  • In Number Ten, It’s Microsoft:

Due to more popularity of Facebook and its services, Microsoft also tried to buy Facebook in 2007 with an offer of $15billion and with changing time it would buy 5% of the Facebook share which would take another 5 to 7 years to buy entire Facebook’s share. However, Mark has never accepted the proposal and Microsoft were in disappointment.