Jackie Chan

The action star Jackie Chan is back again in a multi-lingual and action-powered film, going to shoot in India. This movie is symbolizing the friendship of Chinese-Indian and a production of Taihe Entertainment from India and Shinework of China casting Jackie Chan, Sonu Sood, Aarif Rahman and Amyra Dastur as leading stars.

As a cross-culture movie, it was permitted by Narendra Modi’s government to start shooting in India. The announcement of this multi-starrer film was held during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to China in last September.

Now Indian has got the occasion to greet the international star Jackie Chan to shoot this upcoming action movie Kung Fu Yoga and it is scheduled to arrange its worldwide premier in 2016 in several languages.

  • Star cast

There are two parallel leads of this movie starring as Jackie Chan and Indian actor Sonu Sood with two female-lead Indian actresses named Amyra Dastur and Aarif Rahman. Several scenes of the film have already been shot with two male leads, and supposedly Mr. X girl Amyra Dastur and her co-star Aarif Rahman will join them soon for the next scenes which have to be shoot in China.

  • Story Line of Kung Fu Yoga  

From the source of the film and stars, the story is about an archeology professor played by Jackie Chan, who is playing the role of the professor named as Jack. Later the audience will find Jack to come together with stunning professor Ashmita and her associate Kyra from Indian to explore the lost Magadha treasure of India in Tibet.

Taking the storyline to a new level, here the audience will find Sonu Sood named as Randall, a descendant of a revolutionary army head who fights to get the royal treasures of India. Throughout the fight for the diamond, Jones steals a large piece of diamond from the cavern and absconding Jack, and his group ambushed in the iced up cave, run away from the place.

In this twisted point, intelligent professor Jack using the power of Yoga and breathing techniques, make himself and his team flee from the cave in the course of an icy tributary. After getting a second life, Ashmita and Kyra go back to India with the feeling of defeat while Jack and his team Nuomin and Xiaogang will tour to locate the auction of the filched diamond going to be held in Dubai. The end is storied as the professor rescuing the diamond and Kyra and Ashmita to be the sisters of the offspring of Magadha royal family yearning to bring back their royal name.

While Jackie Chan’s latest action-packed movie ‘Dragon Blade’ is consistently hitting Indian screens, his upcoming movie is also expected to add a new history is his entire career.