Are you a smoker? Friends and relatives must have advised you a lot to kick the butt. However, you won’t be interested in giving up so easily. Now here’s where you need to take a look at “11 Minutes” -the latest sensation on YouTube. It is a short film with a fabulous cast including AlokNath, Deepak Dobriyal, and the sizzling Sunny Leone.

sunny leone

Well, if not for the other two talented actors, you could watch it for Sunny, of course! In our discussion, we will be describing a bit about the plot of the short movie, and then you can decide whether to watch the video or not.

The Plot…

  • The movie’s plot begins in a small house in a village where the head of the family played by AlokNath is worried about his dying son.
  • The doctor advises the father to take heed of his son’s last wish since his days on this earth are about to get over soon.
  • The part of the son is played by Deepak Dobriyal, who has become a familiar face with movies like Tanu Weds Manu Returns and PremRatanDhanPayo in 2015.
  • Interestingly, family members offer different things such as his favorite sweets to fulfill his last wish.
  • The twist in the plot is that the son asks his father to marry Sunny Leone by showing a photo of her to him.
  • Though the father is hesitant in the beginning, he does so to fulfill his son’s last wish.
  • The nuptial night arrives, and the rest of the movie depicts how smoking can cause you to lose your last wish too.
  • With a social message in the end and a joy ride throughout the plot, ‘11 Minutes’ surely deserves applause.

11 minutes trailer

Some Conclusions:

  • The title of the movie is supposedly inspired by Paulo Coelho’s Book, which went by the same name.
  • Sunny Leone has crafted a niche for herself in this industry and has shed off her past as an adult movie performer.
  • This short movie is a vital part of the anti-smoking campaign in which she is involved.
  • Her fan base and the popularity of Alok Nath as the ‘sanskaaribabuji’ on social media spell immediate recognition and acclaim for the video.
  • Despite the tag of former ‘porn actress’ still continues to haunt Sunny Leone, she has become one of the women in the industry who can carry a film at the box-office with least trouble.