Review Of True Story Based Movie- "Neerja"

Neerja, the story of a 22 year old girl who sacrificed her life just for the sake of saving other’s lives. She was a brave, fearless, strong and a prominent personality. Sonam Kapoor played the role of the girl Neerja in the movie directed by Ram Madhvani. No doubts Sonam played a fabulous role and justified herself in the movie completely.

The movie made its opening from 4.70 crore and earned 12.30 crore in the starting two days which gives a very effective impression of the movie to the viewers. Madhvani tried hard to create the same atmosphere in the movie which is similar to the real incident. However, they couldn’t do exactly but gave their 90%. People say that movie could have been better but still they did a fantastic job in the movie. The star because of which the movie got succeed is none other than Sonam kapoor and of course se deserves lots of respect for this award winning performance. She made us believe that we are watching the real Neerja and yes we can the real Neerja in her extra ordinary acting.

The movie got 80% positive response where the remaining 20% are still not happy with the movie. Now we need to wait a week to see the collections they will make and to know more feedback about the movie. People says that Neerja is a good movie to watch if you are in a mood to cry since it’s a heart touching real girl based story. But overall they did a commendable job and I think it was a justice to the brave and fearless 23 year old lady Neerja.