A big hit show on TV channel colors Comedy Nights with Kapil had a great fan following past two years. But all of sudden the show went off air which leads towards the disappointment for fans. Sources informed that Kapil Sharma demanded an appraisal in his fees and also complained about being copied the similar content by another show on the same channel. But the director of the channel refused to fulfill his wish and hence, the actor of the show Kapil Sharma decided to leave the show.

Reaction Of Kapil Sharma's Fan After Watching The First Episode Of Comedy Nights Live!
The reaction of kapil’s fan was as expected. They were not happy after watching the first show of Comedy nights live because they are missing many things which are not fulfilled by new actors. And since there is no originality in the show, fans are unable to connect with the show instead of having the same set. No one is to say again and again ‘thoko tali’ and one thing of all Krushna made a lot of fun for Kapil, which is not liked by his fans at all.
Along with the set, content and format are also same no novelty is there in the show. And also, their entire family is being missed Daadi, Gutthi, Palak, Raju and funny neighbours. Comedy nights with Kapil was the highest rating show ever in the history of reality shows but now along with Kapil, his million of fans stopped watching the show and hence there is a big drop in the TRP of the show now.

Surely we’ll going to miss the show, and that laugh riot, and we hope Kapil Sharma is back on board soon as he can’t be compared with anyone.