The stardom of Priyanka Chopra has led her to enter into Hollywood industry. Earlier we have seen how the international Indian female superstar Priyanka Chopra has shattered the Hollywood industry with her power-packed performance in Quantico. This power-packed performance led her to enter into the Hollywood movie industry. It will be a great opportunity for her to take Priyanka’s movie career to set new challenges.

What The Blog Posts And An Instagram Official Says?

Recent blog posts of Priyanka in the entertainment section say that she joins hand with the famou
s Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron to be seen in the Baywatch. The Quantico star will play villain role in the movie carrying the name “Oil tycoon Victoria”.

The Recent Instagram official says “Rock has made an announcement citing Priyanka Chopra that she is the biggest star in the world. Rock also said Priyanka is simultaneously extremely dangerous, talented and relentlessly smoking in her performances. Dwayne Johnson or The Rock has also announced that Priyanka is the ne
west edition into the Baywatch cast.Priyanka Chopra

According To the New Hollywood Professional Family:

  • Priyanka Chopra will play the villain role of Victoria as Leeds
  • Johnson welcomed her saying that “welcome hottest Bollywood star to the bad-ass cast and amazingly dysfunctional professional family.”
  • In reply to the caption, Priyanka says “Being bad is what she does the best, and you (Johnson) better watch out!”
  • The Rock has prepared a video for welcoming Priyanka to the Baywatch family, and Priyanka shared it on her Instagram page.
  • In the back of her mind, Priyanka is always prepared to take any challenge, and this is the time where Priyanka might be thinking about her new character.

The 33year old B-Town star is continuously grabbing people’s attention and directors’ as well for her spectacular performances. The success chain which was earlier limited to only B-Town has now broken, and she was now continuously being receiving offers from Hollywood directors.

People’s muc
h anticipations have finally become real, and it is scheduled that after Quantico, Priyanka Chopra will be seen in her next Hollywood movie, Baywatch. Now, we will have to wait one more year to see Priyanka’s next eye catchy character, Victoria in Baywatch where she will be playing the role of Villain. People are eagerly waiting for the 19th May’17- the day scheduled for Baywatch to hit the international theaters. So, fasten your seat belts by the end of April’2017 as Baywatch movie flight will be soon to ready for taking off.