The sudden rise in social and economic burden has been noticed only because of the diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya. This steep rise in vector-borne diseases has encouraged WHO or World Health Organization to focus more on controlling mosquitoes. The diseases related to mosquitoes are extremely found in India and WHO member countries.

What the Statistics Say?

  • The UN agency has evaluated the statistics report and result shows that 30% increment has been found related to Dengue incident alone globally.
  • This result gives a vast socio-economic burden to the countries facing the same problem today.
  • Though countries are engaged in administering the vaccines list and supplying medicines to take control over mortality, the morbidity cost remains considerably sufficient for governments worldwide to take control of mosquitoes and its related diseases.


While the problems are found across the globe, Indian socio-economic load because of Malaria alone has reached Rs. 11640cr, which is around 1.94billion regarding USD. This result shows that among the total population of India around 95% are staying in the Malaria and other vector-borne diseases affected areas.

Surprisingly, it’s only the statistics of Malaria and if we take the WHO’s Dengue finding cases into account, then result shows that it nearly reaches Rs. 6000cr, which is around 1billion USD.

These figures are made available regarding annual economic costs which have included both direct and indirect costs as the medical and production’s total loss costs.

What Has WHO To Emphasize On It?

  • World Health Organization has given its verdicts on emphasizing the need as the best way to defense these issues is to join hands together and make personal as well as population-wise mosquito controls into account.
  • The well-implementation of mosquitoes control activities could lessen the mosquito-borne virus transmission including the control over Zika virus.
  • WHO also recommend some of the fruitful approaches to deal with entire mosquitoes family squad and tackle entirely engaged mosquito communities.
  • WHO put more stress on eliminating the mosquito breeding sites to reduce their influence and also several governmental steps are carried out to kill adult mosquitoes so that they will start no further generation.
  • Expert medical professionals have supported to the WHO’s mosquito elimination program and with coming days, the cause of the deadly diseases, as well as its carriers, will be surely diminished says Dr. AnupamSibal (The group medical doctor from Apollo Hospitals) in the WHO meeting.