In the Rajya Sabha meeting, today the Indian Union Minister Smriti Irani says “I am a practicing Hindu and a loyal worshipper of Goddess Durga.”

SMriti Irani

Opposition Reaction to the Statement:

After giving this statement in the Rajya Sabha, opposition immediately reacts to the statement delivered by Smriti Irani and demands an immediate apology for it in front of all the members present in the Rajya Sabha. The opposite party has demanded the apology from Union Minister for announcing the controversial references in the name of divinity.

The Grooming 10 Developments In The Rajya Sabha Story:

  1. Related to Smriti Irani’s speech, the opposition party yelled that “the Rajya Sabha house meeting will not continue to move on ahead till Smriti Irani state the apology.” For this demand, Mr. PJ Kurien (the Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha) said: “he would inspect the elements of yesterday’s discussion records tit-by-bit, and if found any offensive statement, then it will be removed appropriately.”
  2. Earlier Smriti Irani has given a speech on Thursday in response to the debate of taking JNU students on custody for sedition charges and the suicide case of RohithVemula (Hyderabad University student), the opposition party has cited these incidents and make them as examples of governmental step for trying to stifle the dissent.
  3. To exhibit what Smriti Irani called the “depraved mentality” of JNU students’ section, the Indian education minister started to read the pamphlet which was distributed throughout the campus and had had disparaging reference to Goddess Durga.
  4. The education minister also takes reference of the “Mahishsur Martyrdom Day” apparently viewed at the JNU campus. The opposition protests were going on when the Deputy Chairperson interrupted the discussion and made the Rajya Sabha house adjoined before she says anything further.
  5. In counter, Ms. Irani today told that “She read the report because she was asked to give details about the truth. Though she read the report, still she was in pain- she added”. Her statements are the authenticated docs of the JNU itself- she said.
  6. The Congress party has claimed an absolute apology from Ms. Irani
  7. In this context, the Congress leader Mr. Anand Sharma said that “Any provocative statement on God, forecaster, be it any ordinary member or ministerial member, this would not be tolerated. We want them taken into custody and charged for their doings. Any blasphemous should not be spoken in the open house of Rajya Sabha”.
  8. In counter, the government said that “the govt. don’t believe Ms. Irani should apologize to anyone and she has right to complete her reply”. Union Minister also said that “We all know our respective duties, and we must have to put a stop mark on to anti-national activities, and when Ms. Irani continues to deliver her reply, you’ll understand it”.
  9. The governmental proceedings on JNU students have continued for three days in linked to the allegations that JNU students helped Afzal Guru for conducting parliament attack because of which anti-Indian slogans were increased.
  10. The battle and manifold disruptions have threatened to grab the significant legislation comprised of Goods and Services Tax bill and GST.