In Haryana, India, the situation of the area continues to be severe as the Haryana people have entered into the fourth day of their protest. Violence is persisting among different regions of the state, especially in Jind and Rohtak.

Haryana News

Recently, the government has deployed 33 army units to the nine districts of Haryana including ten paramilitary forces of the company. However, regardless of curfew around the vicinity, violence has not yet been ceased.

Police Actions Lead Haryana People to Hospitalize:

According to news sources, throughout the state police firing is going on and 8 more people were killed on Sunday, and others incidents related to protest has been scrutinized for the action. Haryana hospitals are full of patients, and more than 80 people have been hospitalized in different hospitals in the state.

On Saturday 30 more people were added to the hospital beds. On Saturday, Jhajjar eye-witnessed the sever violence that is continuing in Haryana where a mob set fire on an electricity substation and do violence to an army column. The Haryana DGP, Mr. YP Singhal said to media people that “In the violence, 10 more people have been executed, and 150 are injured cases.”

The Present Scenario in Haryana:

  • Even several leading political leaders including Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar (present Haryana CM) told Jats to maintain the peace and calm scenario.
  • During night time, arson and violence continue to spread in several regions of the state, making lame the normal life in the pits affected places of Haryana such as Hisar, Jind, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Sonipat, and Jhajjar.
  • The rail connectivity to Haryana from different parts of India has been disrupted due to the ongoing violence scenario.
  • Government officials issued a memorandum to stop all the bus and railway services on most of the violence affected routes by placing blockades.

The Violence Fire:

The violence fire has relentlessly hit more than 800 trains’ movement and today HRTC (Haryana Road Transport Corporation) has suspended all of its bus services. The violence fire reaches to Delhi resulting huge shortage of water. All the educational institutions and government establishments are remained closed due to violence on Monday.

Latest Update News from Haryana:

  • Special reservation quota to entire Jat community bill will be brought into limelight in Haryana Assembly
  • Haryana protesters have blocked the Yamuna Expressway
  • Rajnath Singh (Home Minster of Haryana state) has set up a meeting with Khap and Jat leaders at his home
  • Manohar Parrikar (Defense Minister of India) was scheduled to meet DalbirSihag (Army Chief General) to deal strictly with the protestors.
  • Jat community protestors have torched the Ganaor railway station situated near the Sonipat.