A few weeks ago, we witnessed a revolutionary initiative from Skype- group video calling . It made news among the internet savvy community like a wildfire and many users per-registered for it. The response from users was very amiable and indicated the acclaim of users. Skype collected data from users and made a conclusive decision to launch group video calling.

The News Is That…

  • On Thursday, Skype released its group video calling facilities on Android phones and iPhone.
  • Tablets have been also included in this feature.
  • The launch is limited to North America and Western Europe, and the company aims to cover the territory by the next week.
  • Rolling over group video calling to these markets is just the precedent for Skype’s plans to make group video calling available globally.
  • Users can now have the privilege to enjoy group interactions on their mobile devices without any hassles.

Why Video Calling…

  • Skype understood the role of videos in telephonic conversations.
  • Rather than chatting through text or conversing on the phone through audio or video calls with a single person it would be good to have many people to talk with!
  • There is no better way to communicate than through a video for you can see, observe and feel what the other person intends to say.

The group video calling service launched by Skype facilitates the following features which will make it a favorite of Skype users and invite more users to the community.

  • High definition video quality makes the communication a fluid experience.
  • The videos are rendered in high clarity to impart a more natural character to the call.
  • Videos are optimized for suiting any smartphone or tablet and any screen.
  • The use of SILK Super Wide Band Codec in the cloud conferencing stack of Skype provides crystal clear audio quality.
  • Skype partnered with Intel to modify SILK Audio for Azure, which is run on Intel processors.
  • The group video calling facility attended to everyone and ensured that almost 25 people can be part of single group video call.
  • Now you can afford to add your aunts, cousins, uncles and acquaintances to a single call. You don’t have to wait any more to get in touch with your loved ones- ‘all at once’.
  • Among the list of features, the flexible interface stands out. You can select between various views such as the ‘grid view’ or the ‘focus view’.