Let me ask you one thing “Are you willing to go fast?” If your answer is whole heartedly yes, then you should have your eyeballs on the Ferrari 488 GTB car. The Italian supercar manufacturer has once again made the Indian people amaze.

2015 Ferrari 488 GTB

The Opening Ceremony:

On Wednesday, Ferrari has revealed another variant of its supercar models called Ferrari 488 GTB. It is the company’s first model four months after making re-entry to the Indian Automobile Market with some new dealers.

Ferrari, the iconic sports car maker, has launched the new model at the Indian convenient price tag of Rs. 3.88crore in its ex-showroom at New Delhi. Those who want to experience the real “Fast & Furious” should hustle up to make the arrangements right away to grab one of them.

Specs of Ferrari 488 GTB:

  • Fast as the car has a top speed of 325km/h
  • The 488GTB can make the driver reach zero to hundred kilometers per hour speed in less than five seconds
  • The new Ferrari car would reach the top speed of 200km/h in just 8.3sec
  • The biggest change that riders could see in new variant is the utilization of V8 turbocharged engine.
  • The 488 GTB model looks somewhat similar to Ferrari 458 but has some major changes
  • The Ferrari 488 GTB model’s double spoiler and its aero-pillar combination were inspired by F1 cars which aid in deflecting air efficiently and quickly.
  • The underbody of Ferrari 488GTB has also been remodeled
  • It is now coming installed with vortex generators which nearly suck the car onto the road
  • When you look inside of the car, you will find the minimalist cabin coming packed with a lot of personalized stitching, carbon fiber, and colored leather options.
  • The Ferrari 488GTB car holds on to the F1 steering style wheel that comprises of Ferrari’s currently famed Manettino drive mode selector.
  • Ferrari 488GTB is powered by the newly designed F154 engine that is shared by Ferrari family and some of the interiors by Maseratis.
  • The installed 3.9ltr turbocharged V8 engine in this car produces 670bhp and 760Nm of torque.
  • The peak torque will only be accessed if the car is running on 7th gear


Dimensions of Ferrari 488GTB:

  • 4568mm lengthwise
  • 1952mm of widthwise
  • 1213mm of height
  • 1370kg is the dry weight
  • 5% is the front weight distribution while 53.5% is the rear weight distribution