Chocolate tempts the human taste buds unlike any other edible. Most of you must agree to this statement unless you’re a diabetic. Chocolate is probably ‘ambrosia’ disguised in the form of a dark and fluid substance which appeases the human palette in the most extraordinary manner. In this discussion, we shall be looking at the recent studies which have revealed that chocolate consumption enhances brain capability.

The Experiment…

  • In research conducted with the residents of Syracuse, New York participants were given a series of tests to measure cognitive function, cardiovascular risks, and dietary intakes.
  • Cognitive function denotes the ability of human brain to respond to certain impulses and act accordingly.
  • Cognitive functions are developed in the brain over years of exposure to the similar stimulus.
  • If a person keeps solving mathematical equations for many years, then the brain becomes capable of cognitive functioning and then the person can solve problems within an instant.chocolate

Test Results…

  • The research delivered stunning results which will be admired especially by chocolate aficionados.
  • The research involved various experiments in testing the cognitive functioning of participants consuming chocolate.
  • The tests which were conducted were based on scanning and tracking, working memory, Mini-mental state examination, and visual-spatial memory organization.
  • The findings of the experiment proved that people are consuming chocolate regularly did show excellent results in every test with the sole exception of working memory.
  • The most important consideration in the studies was to maintain statistical control of dietary, lifestyle and cardiovascular factors.
  • To sum it all, the study revealed that chocolate can reduce the cognitive degeneration in the human brain which occurs as an effect of aging.

Apart from the positive effects of chocolate on the human brain and its functioning over different age groups, chocolate has other physiological effects.

Some of the Most Notable Benefits of Chocolate as Found In the Study Are:

  • Childhood diarrhea can be inhibited with chocolate consumption
  • Chocolate acts as an antipyretic and helps in minimizing fever.
  • Up for a sexual encounter? Gobble up a chocolate bar to perform well!
  • Female ‘issues’ associated with periods can be reduced to a fair extent through the chocolate intake.
  • Controlled chocolate intake is also beneficial in increasing breast milk production.
  • Chocolate is found to aid sleep and give cleaner teeth.

The findings which have been reported here were reported in a journal, “Appetite.”

With such fascinating benefits, it is impossible to ward off the urge to grab a chocolate bar right now and munch on it!