Nothing is as disappointing as the present Apple news for the Indian market. Sad news of 2016 for iPhone lovers! In its official announcement, Apple has clearly said that the Indian Smartphone market will have to bear a loss of 20,000 Apple Smartphones. Apple, the Cupertino-headquartered mobile, and Mac PC manufacturing company have decided to withdraw the name of Indian market out of its two variants, iPhone 4s, and 5c, sales list.

Price of These Two New Apple Variants:


The report says the iPhone 4s was set to be launched at a price of 12,000 in Indian currency whereas people will receive iPhone 5c at a price of Rs. 20,000 in India. Also, the report says that Apple has decreased the iPhone 5S price to almost half in the country and by doing so; the comp
any would like to rake up sales in India.

Is The End Call Is A Business Strategy Or Anything Else?

The move to cull the sales of its new flagships iPhone 4s and 5c models in India appears as the strategic move from Apple where its professional says Apple has made the end call to improvise the average selling price of its products that has been falling around because of the iPhone 4s in the sub-
Rs.20, 000 sections.

What the Withdraw Call Notice Depicts?

  • By calling this withdraw notice; Apple will receive a pretty good improvement with its average selling price, but simultaneously the experts from the mobile industries illustrate that this would give a tough competition to other mobile phone manufacturing units or Apple’s competitors.
  • After selling these two Smartphones as low as possible, Apple has finally put a stop mark into its selling.
  • In a run to escalate the Indian marketts and to catch the attention of Indian Apple users, Apple was putting the cost in budget-friendly boundaries.
  • The step was initiated as most of the Indian people are trying to get an iPhone but due to its high prices, many people still lack behind to have one.

Though you have found the right time to grab an Apple handset, I would say the time is not just for you. It seems like iPhone lovers have to wait for some time as Apple has made some special movement to withdraw its handsets out of Indian mobile market. The reason is crystal clear but makes the iPhone lovers to keep hoping for the best with finger crossed.