Freedom 251

It all started when the cheapest smartphone of the world was announced, the Freedom 251 at just Rs.251. Ringing Bells, the company behind the making of the phone got lot of attention in the media. The 1st strange thing that happened was change in design shortly after it was announced. The picture of the phone was swapped by Ringing Bells on the website from attractive phone to a generic one having just 1 key under the screen. Since the phone is very cheap, no one cared how it looks.

Recently, media questioned the makers instead of building hype. The phones that were shipped turned to be Adcom phones having the logos covered with simple fluid. It is a Chinese company and currently, the model is sold for around $50. This device is rebranded one but not Made in India which was promised by Ringing Bells.

Another disturbing fact was that the UI icons had complete similarity to that of Apple iPhone. Overall, the media expected at a lookalike of cheap Chinese iPhone and not original one.

Indeed, Ringing Bells used Adcom phone as demo unit just for gaining attention of the audience. The specs of Freedom 251 would be same as Adcom phone although there might be a slight difference in the external design. This is definitely not a legitimate way to create a new product.

Talking about the pre-installed software on the phone, CEO of Ringing Bells stated that they have plans of changing the UI with custom design of the company. Users aren’t aware as to how the device would look like when it arrives. Another drawback is that CEO claims the company is Android’s registered partner although it isn’t seen in the list. The phone hasn’t been submitted yet for certification within the Bureau of Indian Standards.

In just couple of days, around 60 million registrations are received by the company and new ones aren’t being accepted now. Meanwhile, the credentials of Ringing Bells would be checked by the Telecom Ministry. The concept of Freedom 251 isn’t clear yet.