The showdown between Apple and the FBI took an interesting turn when reports of Microsoft founder Bill Gates supporting the latter made rounds in the media. Apple’s woes seemed to worsen with such reports. But Mr. Gates has vehemently disagreed with such claims and has said that he doesn’t back any individual or association in this case.

His views were misinterpreted which caused uproar in the tech community for some time. On one hand, Apple is struggling to get at terms with the FBI and dealing with negotiations while on the other such kind of reports tend to aggravate the situation. In this article we shall be following the story so far and what did Mr. Gates state which made the situation so tense.

Bill Gates

How It All Started…

  • The FBI is investigating a shooting in San Bernardino, California and there two suspects in the case.
  • The FBI wants Apple to help them break into the encryption of one of the terrorist’s iPhone.
  • However, this government request has been deemed by Apple as an ominous one.
  • Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has aptly stated that this kind of permission may lead to misappropriation of people’s privacy.
  • This move is supported by other prominent names in the tech business- Mark Zuckerberg, SundarPichai and many others like Jack Dorsey.
  • The event has successfully achieved the glare of many eyes in this world.
  • Even the National Security Agency whistleblower, Edward Snowden has termed the incident as the ‘world’s most important tech case in a decade’.
  • On behalf of the FBI, Director James Comey reported in a blog post that Apple’s claims of privacy invasion are futile and baseless.
  • The intention of the FBI is not to break the encryption of every iPhone on this planet.
  • The director also reported that they won’t be creating something like a ‘master key’ as speculated by Apple and let it make the rounds.

Bill Made His Point, Nothing Else…

  • The case turned its glare on Mr. Bill Gates when he commented on an event that the case demands an investigation for a specific case.
  • He was asked by reporters about his view on the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI.
  • In his reply Mr. Gates said that the FBI has requested access to information for a single case.
  • The nature of the case is such that it requires immediate access to the suspected terrorist’s phone.
  • Thus, Apple should co-operate with FBI for this particular case without any hint of losing their safety standards.