One of the leading automobile companies of India Bajaj has finally ended up the long waiting for Vikrant to be on roads. INS Vikrant, the Indian warship which has witnessed several wars and was the pride of India was left out to be sold as scraps. Bajaj wanted to keep alive the patriotism impact and had declared to use the scraps of INS Vikrant to manufacture the V15. Today finally Bajaj launched V15 premium the commuter bike.

Bajaj V15

Another Milestone in the Automotive Industry

This bike is no less than the Pulsar or Avenger that have created milestones for Bajaj. Regarding style, engine, mechanism and many more listed factors which make Bajaj an incredibly one of the leading two wheeler manufacturers. The new V15 grabs the most patriotic product ever launched in the country tag. This has created another milestone for Bajaj in the automotive industry.

Ex-Showroom Price in Delhi is Rs62000

INS Vikrant had been tagged as the best warship of India that carried aircraft on it. It was decommissioned and the scrap metal was the left over. Bajaj purchased the scraps, which was further reused for manufacturing the new Bajaj V15 in which “V” denotes for INS Vikrant. The ex-showroom price of V15 is tagged as Rs 62000 in New Delhi. The teaser video of its release had created great excitement in the public on the Republic Day.

Its Design Resembles Cruisers and Part Cruisers

Bajaj with the launch of Pulsar the sports bike segment had created a different aspect in the automobile world which followed with Avenger. Avenger was launched with matured speed and thrilling experience in the ride with the package. But the new V15 has created a new segment with its launch. The segment is called the Solid commuter segment. The new V15 is designed in such a way that it resembles the cruisers and part cruisers of the past.

Bajaj V15

The Efficiency of V15 Can Be Defined With the Features

  • It holds a large 18inch alloy wheel at eh rear and the rear with a smaller alloy wheel that measures 16 inches.
  • The disc brake of 120mm at the front and the drum brake of 130mm at the rear make the ride most demanding.
  • The chunky Eurogriptyres give a muscular identity to the new V15. The stability is higher than the “Discover” with a 10mm longer wheelbase.
  • It is an 4 Stroke Engine with 150cc DTS-I.