On Thursday (18-2-2016), The Indian men have beaten China for the first time in Badminton event held at Hyderabad. The event was carried out before women have had tasted defeat from Japan.


The Taste of Victory in the First Round Itself:

  • The Indian men had defeated the China men by giving 3-2 goals in the conjugative five match tie compiling two doubles and three singles.
  • The nearby news sources say that the home team has tasted the victory in all three singles but fails to continue the legacy in doubles.
  • Both women and men Indian badminton have successfully upgraded to play quarterfinals. When the match starts, Indian badminton team captain Kidambi Srikanth offered a good start to his team with his superb performance in men’s single match with a score of 21-11 and 21-17.
  • The tremendous start of Mr. Captain has led him to obtain victory against Houwei Tian (China’s badminton player).
  • Srikanth is at present a top-ranked player of India’s badminton team ranked at 9 in the tournament list whereas Tian is ranked 8 in the badminton tournament rank list.
  • The match ends with a close contest between these two top-ranked players and put up a spirited show for the badminton lovers. However, Srikanth succeeds over his competitor.

The 2nd Round Of Game Even More Excited:

In the second round of singles, people have found more excitement and the fun full friendly sporty battle between Ajay Jayaram (India) and Zhengming Wang (China). Jayaram is holding the rank no 25 while Wang is the world no 11 badminton player.

Somehow, Jayaram has survived the round and with his power packed performance he has able to give defeat to Wang with the top-winning counts 22-20, 15-21 and 21-18. The spirited performance of Jayaram has dominated Wang’s every attack and contributed a lot to make the match an exciting contest.

The Fruitful Result of the Sporty Battle:

At first, the result shows that both had a win-win condition as both have won one game each while the third match is the turning point for Jayaram. The third match became a decisive game and evicted to be a battle of wits. After the completion of the match, Jayaram says “It was such a great feeling when you heard news saying ‘junior beats senior in an open field of badminton’. Nothing could be as satisfied as this troublesome, and he believes ‘Fortune favors the brave’.”