The beginning of 2016 is not so fun full for B-Town celebrities as much breakup news is flashing over media and internet. Presently, one of the hot debates is taken the market mainstream related to Bollywood actor cum producer Arbaaz Khan and former B-Town actress Malaika Arora Khan. The minute gossip mongers got an indication about the separation of this couple; it spreads around the market like fire.

Arbaaz Khan, Malaika Arora Khan,Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan

Couple Hosting A TV Shows Together, Rumor Or Truth:

An earlier report says the couple was signed to host a TV show named Power Couple, which will be no longer hosted by the couple together. For this, Malaika on his statement said that the contract was not for a long period. But when the media people asked about the rumor going around the market regarding her and Arbaaz’s relationship, she kept her lips sealed.

Twitter Update from Arbaaz Khan:

On Tuesday, the actor-turned-producer Arbaaz Khan has lashed out against the rumormongers on Twitter regarding the anticipations about his marriage to former hot yet sexy actress Malaika Arora Khan. He straightaway asked people to back off from his personal life as citizens have nothing to do with it.

Arbaaz Khan ,Malaika Arora Khan,Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora Khan

Though rumors are maintaining their global presence, still there is no official commitment has been received from the couple about the same. While expressing Arbaaz’s anger on Twitter over the speculations, he made a clear statement that he didn’t owe any explanation to anyone regarding his marriage status.

Threatening Tweets from Arbaaz:

  • The first tweet from actor Arbaaz Khan says “He just doesn’t understand why people are making speculations about anybody without having any clear evidence of it. He would rather say to gossipmongers that stop doing that and back off to put your nose into his or his other half’s Instagram posts and write shit on a daily basis”.
  • The second tweet from Arbaaz says “It is not his films or work that gossipmongers are talking about, it’s his personal life and the topic of his marriage. So, it would be rather back off as neither he nor Malaika has any explanations to give anybody”.
  • The third tweet of Arbaaz says that “People should talk about his personal life if he wants to share otherwise be silent and mind your businesses. Stop rumoring about someone publicly and he thinks it shouldn’t be hard to understand”.

After Arbaaz’s recent post on Instagram, the gossip mongers have cleared the statement of separation about the couple which motivates Arbaaz to give clarification about the rumors.