One of the world’s tech stalwarts, Apple is again in the news and what is it this time? Not a new product, not a new service! What is it? In discussion with the government to withdraw orders to break into the security of iPhone of a killer involved in the San Bernardino shootings in California. Apple has predicted that this step could result in ‘dangerous implications.’

Apple CEO

We First Saw It On…

  • Reported first by USA TODAY, this incident has created a ripple of substantial frequency which can topple the position of Apple.
  • In an employee memo, CEO Tim Cook said that their concern is not related to a single iPhone.
  • Cook further reported that the security of millions of iPhone users will be put at stake once government authorities find a way to penetrate the security of iPhone.

Is it bad?

  • As it is clearly evident, this incident can prove to be the stepping stone for hackers who shall not hesitate to snatch the privacy of users.
  • As CEO, Tim Cook says, this move is bound to set an ominous example and will be detrimental to the civil liberties of millions of iPhone users.

What Apple Did?

  • Apple has ensured steps to tackle this situation. Apple has facilitated a separate questionnaire and relevant answers on its website.
  • These questions and answers are directly related to the risks and implications of unlocking the security of an iPhone.
  • Apple has also suggested the formulation of a commission to analyze the implications of law enforcement, privacy, security and personal liberties in unison.
  • In the question and answer section facilitated by Apple, the company has raised concerns about the government’s access to a single iPhone and has said that they are unsure of whether the government would stop at this single case.
  • Apple speculates that once the security systems of iPhone are compromised, then any person with malicious intent can wreak havoc on the innumerable users and their privacy.

Problems for The Future…

Apple has expressed the repercussions of bowing down to this government order and has indicated that the government may force the company to induct additional features like location tracking and call recording as a part of surveillance schedules.

The security of iPhone is under threat and the lawyers from the Justice Department have commented that Apple’s resistance to the government order is an attempt to preserve business model and marketing strategy.

However, Apple has emphasized the significance of customer privacy, and this indicates that the conflict is going to continue for some time now.