Terrorism hasn’t receded in any generation and will not do so in the future. While the world is recovering from heinous attacks in Syria, Paris, Jakarta and many prominent places in the world, we are forced to witness yet another act of terrorism.Ankara Attack

The Fateful Day

  • On Wednesday, ill fate struck Ankara the Turkish capital in the form of an explosion which claimed 18 lives while leaving 45 other injured.
  • Recent reports claimed that the death toll has risen to 28 and number of injured persons climbing to 61. This detail was furbished by the Health Minister of Turkey, Mehmet Muezzinoglu.
  • The primary target of the explosion is assumed to be a bus with military personnel on it. This report has been provided by the armed forces.
  • The blast happened at a meager distance of approximately 100 meters from the military headquarters and the parliament.
  • The proximity of the explosion included the center of the city which has resulted in higher casualties.

Response of Leaders:

  • According to the statement of Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus, the explosion was staged with the help of a car bomb.
  • He further informed about the assignment of seven prosecutors to investigate this terrible act.
  • The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vehemently condemned this incident and has asked for people of the nation to show grit and determination to fight back.

Assumptions and Calculations:

  • Some insider reports suggest the involvement of Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) in the attack owing to their association with previous attacks on Turkey in the recent past.
  • The times have turned tough for Mr. Erdogan’s government as opposition claims that this incident is the resultant of the failed talks between PKK and the government held in June.
  • The Turkish security forces have been engaged in extensive missions to curb the Kurdish militia in the South East.
  • These events had been continuing since December last year and during this period, curfews have been imposed forcefully while a multitude of civilians has been evacuated from combat zones.
  • Though there hasn’t been any official claim from a terrorist organization concerning the attack, the ISIS is termed as the topmost suspect for this attack.
  • This view comes in the aftermath of a suicide bombing in the town of Suruc in August last year.
  • Nearly 32 people were killed and around 100 people were injured in the attack by the ISIS.

The involvement of ISIS is under speculation due to its staunch rejection of Turkey’s intrusion in Syria. However, this incident sets another wound deep into our memories alike other terrorist activities.