Director Shankar’s ‘Robot’ made headlines in 2010 with revolutionary VFX and stunning visuals. Furthermore, Rajnikanth’s performance in the movie invoked admiration from all classes of the society for the film.

Now, Shankar is all set to come up with the sequel to Robot which shall be named Robot 2.0 or ‘2.0’. The sequel is being touted as one of the most anticipated movies in Indian cinema.

The movie doesn’t rely on the mere presence of Rajnikanth, director Shankar, and Oscar winning music director A.R. Rahman. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has been roped in to play the antagonist in the film.

Akshay Kumar And Rajnikanth, Robot2

The Facts that will Tempt You to Watch the Movie

  • With such an astounding cast and crew, Robot 2.0 is set to break previous records set in the industry.
  • Recently, the news about an expensive fight sequence between Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth was shot which cost around 20 crore INR.
  • Yes, you heard and saw it right! This news comes as good news for fans and an urging temptation to watch this film would be barely out of the question.
  • According to insiders on the set, a modern-age styled set had been prepared for the scene between Rajni and Akshay.
  • The total budget of the movie is estimated to be somewhere between 250-350 cr INR, which is bound to surpass the record of the ‘Bahubali’ series which was shot on a budget of 250 cr INR.

The Next Big Thing

  • Director Shankar had approached Hollywood action legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger to play the role of the antagonist.
  • However, the whooping signing amount of the movie i.e. 120 cr INR did not play well with the makers and hence Akshay Kumar was finalized as a cast member to play the villain.
  • Previously, Rajnikanth and Shankar had collaborated for ‘Shivaji’ and ‘Robot’. ‘Robot 2.0’ will be the third time these two will come together.
  • The presence of Bollywood biggie Akshay Kumar may have prompted the makers to step up the production costs.
  • Our expectations…
  • This movie may turn out to be retribution for Rajnikanth and director Shankar, who failed to appease the audience in their recent ventures.
  • Rajnikanth offered ‘Lingaa’ which was thrashed by critics and audience alike despite his presence.
  • On the other hand, director Shankar disappointed fans with his romantic-thriller “I” last year.
  • While Akshay Kumar is riding high on the success of ‘Airlift’, Robot 2.0 can give him the perfect platform for gaining a fan base in the south.

After all, we hope for a splendid and visually enchanting masterpiece on our nearest screens!