Again a Big Loss! Author Harper Lee Died!

There were some power in her pen. Her charm was unusual. The magic she use to create from her words was just out of the world. But now, she is no more.

Yes you heard it right. Author Nelle Harper Lee passed away on 19th feb this year. She was a pride of not only for US but for India too. She was the pride of our world and now when she is no more, its a loss for all of us. She wrote the book To” Kill a Mockingbird” and won the Pulitzer prize for it. She was an American author who wrote many successful novels. She died at the age of 89 while sleeping.

It was a sad demise for her family and the nation as well. She was an inspiration to all. She was a really fun loving, jovial and down to earth women. In fact, she was an inspiration to all those women who considers themselves as below men. She started her career at the time when nobody had faith on women and for sure it wasn’t easy for her to reach here but she did it. All we can say is We will miss you Harper Lee. :(